[FORVIC] S-Back CocChair on Chair

[FORVIC] S-Back CocChair on Chair

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We manufacture and supply the S-Back, which incorporates our proprietary posture correction patented technology.

🟠S-Back CocChair on Chair
A posture correction chair tailored to your lumbar region 
(angle adjustment device, lumbar safety belt, tailbone protection, wide floor panel).

🟡What is the check point?
- Patented technology: Wave floor panel
- Tailbone discomfort prevention design
- Sweat-reducing ventilation design
- Folding feature of S-Back Cock

People's lumbar health varies, so supporting their backs with the same force isn't ideal. That's why we developed a patented lumbar support angle adjustment device, applied in the posture correction chair, S-Back Cock. Additionally, when seated, hips tend to move forward, causing reliance on the chair's backrest. To prevent this, our product includes a lumbar safety belt that moves with the body, providing continuous lumbar support along with following the hips at all times.

- Material: High-intensity plastic, High elasticity urethane foam, Polyester mesh.
- Dimension:  370mm *410mm * 350mm / 1.3kgs