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High Loop, a well-known Korean mobile phone peripheral brand, all products are designed in Korea. The mobile phone anti-slip band & wrist strap set is stylish and practical, freeing your hands easily! Suitable for all mobile phone models and brands.


Instructions for use

-One set includes: 2 detachable hangers + 1 anti-slip strap + 1 wrist strap

-Clip the strap between the phone and the phone case, and you can easily buckle the wrist strap!

-Applicable to all mobile phone models

-It can also be charged wirelessly using the coupon



Lanyard length: 23.5 cm

Material: plastic, polyester fiber, metal



  1. Do not twist the joint between the hanging piece and the lanyard, otherwise it will break easily.
  2. The coupons are consumables and cannot be used for a long time due to their material characteristics.
  3. There will be two coupons in one set, which can be used for replacement.
  4. The material of the coupon is PVC, and there may be oil film.
  5. This product is not responsible for the mobile phone falling due to improper use.