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Magazine B No.20 GUINNESS

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[BRAND STORY] Guinness was first started when its founder Arthur Guinness leased an abandoned factory building for his brewery business. This Irish brand has become the only ale brewer to make into the mainstream of alcoholic beverage industry, while simple and clean tasting lager beer has attracted majority of beer drinkers around the globe. Unlike other rival companies with keen interest in business expansion, Guinness keeps up with its efforts in developing relevant technology to achieve perfection in taste and thus present “a perfect PINT of Guinness” any time, anywhere.


02 INTRO A few cold pints on a night out. Many people enjoy beer only as a refreshing thirst-quencher.

18 UNDERSTANDING Before delving into the Guinness brand, B took a closer look at beer, which is largely classified by yeast type — surface-fermenting or bottom-fermenting. B also examined some popular brands from Ireland and Britain. Types / Stout

26 FESTIVAL Guinness is an ale, and ales have gained massive popularity around the globe. Every August, London hosts the world’s largest ale festival, attracting more than 700 brands. The editors had the chance to talk with participants and find out what ale means to them.